Your Personal Branding

Your Image speaks loudly about who you are. How you carry your hairline, hemline, your clothes, body language, mannerism and your words, reveal your attitude and personality. That is your PERSONAL BRAND. A polished personal brand of each employee, will help to enhance your company’s brand value overall.

Today’s society is highly competitive. Customers are getting more fastidious and they set high expectations on the people who serve them. One has to look good, speak well and mature in observing the appropriate etiquette and manners. When you carry yourself well in all aspects, you and your company rise out of the crowd.

YOUR PERSONAL BRANDING 1-day program is designed for hoteliers. It is aimed at transferring the know-on of looking good and feeling great, with the essential knowledge to help you create your communication presence in the area of building rapport, greeting and introduction.
Course Objectives
  • Project a confident personality with much self-assurance.
  • Carry the company’s corporate image with a touch of class.
  • Identify versatile dressing strategies to meet different job demands.
  • Observe respectful clothing language that speaks of wisdom and professionalism.
  • Apply corporate make-up to project sophistication at workplace.
  • Manage the hairline with a touch of sophistication.
  • Develop positive poise and posture and body language.
  • Project confidence in your handshake and apply appropriate etiquette of business card exchange.
  • Apply the proper introduction protocol in greeting and introduction.
  • Develop the skills of building rapport to engage with your customers/guests and colleagues for workplace harmony.
Course Duration
1 Day
Who should attend
Front-liners of the Hotel industry
This programme uses a combination of training aids and methods such as demos, lectures, activities, exercises and group discussions to enhance learning. The learning process is experiential and highly interactive.

Suitable multimedia equipment, presentation slides and image props (fabric swaps & accessories) will be used for effective visualization.
Course Leader
Course Modules
Module 1: Professional Grooming

Your First Impression
  • Why your personal branding matters to you and your organization
  • Your positive first impression – rise out from the crowd
  • The element of your attitude and personality for a successful personal branding
Taking Pride of Your Corporate Wear
  • Fit for Empowerment – earning respect from your customers
  • Respectful clothing language to project wisdom
  • Looking professional and sophisticated with a touch a class
Dressing Smart in the Social Setting
  • Dressing strategies of adapting your image to meet different job demands
  • Using colors to influence moods of your customers/environment
  • Fundamental of tasteful color matching
Professional Make Up and Grooming
  • Hair Styling DIY: French twist, half twist, short hair styling for ladies
  • Tasteful and elegant way of Tudung styling with corporate wear (if the needs arises)
  • Suitable make-up colors for ladies
  • Step-by-step make-up application and DIY
  • Daily skin care regimen for men and women
  • Hairstyle and moustache management for men
Module 2: Rapport Building and Business Etiquette

Projecting Positive and Confident Body Language
  • Develop your elegance with poise and posture
  • The positive and negative gestures
  • Building connection with facial expressions and eye contact
  • Managing nervousness at workplace
  • Understanding space bubble and cultural differences
Handshakes and Business Cards
  • The do’s and don’ts of handshakes
  • Exchanging business card
  • Observing the cultural differences in Malaysian environment
Building Rapport for Harmony Relationship
  • The art of making small talk to build good rapport
  • What makes you a good conversationalist?
  • The good topics vs taboo topics
  • The art of complimenting to open their hearts
  • How to engage your customers/ guests
Greeting and Introduction
  • Basic rules of introductions according to hierarchy
  • Addressing your customers and making graceful introduction
(Role play based on the actual scenarios at work) Building Your Image for Success
  • Your personal hygiene and mannerism
  • Presenting your Personal Branding for business success

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