Creating Impactful Performance Through Training Needs Analysis

Course Objectives
Analysing what the training needs are is a vital prerequisite for any effective training programme or event.

Simply throwing training at individuals may miss the priority needs, and even cover areas that are not essential.” - Chartered Management Institute – TNA Training and Development Checklist

TNA is usually required when any of the external “driving” factors e.g. political, economic, social, technological, legal, environmental (PESTLE) causes change within the organisation, and in many ways, affect the behaviour and hence, the performance ability of people in the organisation.

By conducting TNA, it can be ascertained whether the change will lead to training, or instead, other non-training activities like reviewing job descriptions or preparing a new handbook.
Course Duration
14 Hours (Part-time or Full-time available)
Who should attend
Personnel in HR function i.e. Executives and Assistant Managers as well as new HR Managers. This programme is also open to personnel in other functions.
This programme will make use of the following training delivery methods:
  • Short lectures
  • Mental and physical challenges followed by debriefing session
  • Simple assessments / exercise sheets
  • Group discussions and presentations
  • Video clips
Course Leader
Course Modules
  • Unit 1 Business and Sustainability
  • Unit 2 Business and People’s Competence
  • Unit 3 Change and Competence
  • Unit 4 TNA – Overview and Process
  • Unit 5 TNA – Interventions: Training-Based
  • Unit 6 TNA – Interventions: Non-Training-Based
  • Unit 7 TNA – The TNA Consultant

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