The Art of Effective and Efficient Communication

The bloodline of an organization lies on communication. People are constantly communicating information, ideas, strategies, presenting new products to someone or everyone. Thus, Organization has come to an understanding that cultivating good communication at workplace is a pre requisite for all employees in an organization. Good communication can have a positive and mobilizing effect on employees.

Presenting good communication skills and organizational success are directly related. Barriers of communications such as misinterpretation, lack of confidence, ignorance, disinterest can affect productivity. As such the need to equip oneself with effective communication and interpersonal skills is critical to an organization.

This workshop is designed to help you improve your communication skills and confidence with other people in your workplace as well as at home. It gives participants the opportunity to improve the critical communication skills of listening, asking questions and being aware of nonverbal messages and understand that presentation plays a major role in communication.

This workshop also helps participants to learn all elements of communication and get a handle on how to better manage themselves professionally with different audience both internally and externally.

This workshop also helps to ensure, you get the most from all presentation opportunities. Throughout the workshop you will gain a wide range of practical experience through numerous exercises (voice, physical presence, body language etc).on presentations. Each of the presentations provides a different challenge and will allow you the opportunity to present in a different style.
Course Objectives
  • Communication is all about presenting oneself
  • Identify common communication problem that may hold you back
  • Have taken the first steps to become a good presenter
  • Be able to control nerves and deal with common fears
  • Be able to speak with more confidence in front of an audience and any new people
  • Use language creatively to present a more powerful message
  • Know how to develop ideas
  • Know how to plan and structure a presentation
  • And have actually enjoyed the experience!
Course Duration
2 Days
Who should attend
All level of employees, Supervisors, Junior Executives and others who need to enhance their communication skills.
The program consists of lecture cum workshops, role-plays, demonstrations, self-analysis, individual and group exercises, small group projects and group discussions using practical case applications.
Course Modules
  • Building group rapport
  • Warm up exercises
Module 1: Fundamentals Of Highly Effective Business Communication
  • Understanding your target audience
  • 5 basic principles of communication
  • 10 effective ways to overcome barriers in communication
  • The verbal and non-verbal aspects of communication
  • Class activity : Understanding the people you are communicating with
Module 2: Communicating To Improve Interpersonal Relationships
  • Building rapport with others
  • Using sincere praise in building interpersonal relationships
  • Developing the 4 essential listening skills
  • 7 winning strategies in influencing others
  • 6 ways in applying the win-win negotiating strategy
  • Class activity : Liking others and getting others to like us
Module 3: Learning To Communicate Persuasively
  • 10 principles of effective speaking
  • How to use persuasive speaking to get results
  • Public speaking in action – overcoming the ‘fear factor’
  • 7 basic skills for presentation
  • 20 steps in improving your presentations
  • Class activity : Persuasive communication in action
Module 4: Communication Techniques To Sustain And Improve Results
  • The power of words
  • 4 types of people
  • Defining words
  • Neutral words & Action words
  • Make your words precise, powerful and memorable
  • Understand human self-esteem
  • 3 communication techniques related to human self esteem
  • - Maintain and enhance self-esteem
    - Listen and respond with empathy
    - Ask for help and encourage involvement
  • Role play practice using 3 communication techniques
  • Activity ; Case study using the 3 comunication techniques
  • De-briefing
Module 5: Achieving Positive Results In Communication
  • Learning the art of questioning
  • 8 ways to handle tough questions
  • Applying the art of effective delegation
  • 10 ways in giving and receiving feedback effectively
  • Class activity : Handling impromptu questions
Module 6: Communicating Effectively With Your Business Partners (Customers)
  • Setting the right ‘tone’ before communicating with your customers
  • Being persuasive without offending your customers
  • Expect unwanted customer behaviour
  • Keeping your ‘ego’ out of your communication with your customers
  • Develop 7 effective listening skills to understand your customers better
  • Class activity : Handling customer complaints

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