Microsoft Access

Course Objective

The skills and knowledge covered in this course are sufficient to create real-world database applications that collect data, permit data to be queried, produce reports and display information in forms.

Course Duration

14 Hours (Part-time or Full-time available)

Who Should Attend

This course is primarily designed for people who need to know how to use Microsoft Access to create databases. It is ideal for people who work in variety of tasks and occupations where the assembly and collection of data is important.


This course assumes no prior knowledge of Microsoft Access. However, it would be beneficial to have a general understanding of personal computers and the Windows operating system as you will be required to start applications, work with and copy files, and locate file folders.


A hands-on approach is taken during this course. The exercises are designed to impart relevant skills and knowledge by having participants work through real-life examples and scenarios.

Course Leader
Course Modules

Unit 1 Access Orientation
Unit 2 Database Theory
Unit 3 Database Design
Unit 4 Relational Databases
Unit 5 Setting Table Relationships
Unit 6 Adding Relational Records
Unit 7 Importing Records
Unit 8 Working With Records
Unit 9 Data Validation
Unit 10 Relational Queries
Unit 11 Relational Select Queries
Unit 12 Calculated Fields
Unit 13 Parameter Queries
Unit 14 Creating Forms
Unit 15 Creating Reports
Unit 16 Using The Switchboard
Unit 17 Getting Help


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