Microsoft Office Applications (MS Word, Excel & PowerPoint)

Course Duration
35 Hours (Part-time or Full-time available)
Who should attend
  • Accounts Clerks
  • Accounts Assistants
  • Accounts Supervisors
  • Office Administrators
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Secretaries
  • Accounting Personnel
  • For Managers, or potentially to be managers, across all business units who have little or no formal education in organizational finance and accounting for a better understanding and how to support and enhance revenue generation in their businesses
Course Leader
Course Contents
Microsoft Word
Unit 1 Microsoft Word
  • The Ribbon
  • Backstage View
  • The Quick Access Toolbar
  • The Ruler
  • Change Views
  • Quitting
  • Zoom Slider
Unit 2 Working With A Document
  • Creating and Opening Documents
  • Compatibility Mode
  • Word Count
Unit 3 Working With Text
  • To Insert, Delete and Select Text
  • To Cut, Copy and Paste Text
  • Find and Replace
Unit 4 Formatting Text
  • To Use the Bold, Italic, and Underline Commands
  • To Change the Font, Font Size and Font Color
  • To Highlight Text
  • To Change the Text Case
  • To Add Text Effects
  • Format Painter
  • To Clear Formatting
  • To Change the Text Alignment
Unit 5 Saving The Document
  • How to Save Documents
  • To Save As Word 97 - 2003 Document
  • To Save As a PDF
Unit 6 Checking Spelling And Grammar
  • To Use the Spelling Check Feature
  • To Run a Spelling & Grammar Check
  • Thesaurus
Unit 7 Printing
  • Print Preview
  • Quick Print
Unit 8 Page Layout And Formatting
  • To Change the Page Orientation and Page Size
  • Page Margins
  • The Page Setup Dialog Box
  • Breaks
Unit 9 Indent And Tabs
  • Indenting Text
  • Show/Hide Formatting Marks
  • Adjusting Line Spacing and Paragraph Spacing
  • Tab Stops
Unit 10 Managing Documents
  • To Create a List
  • Multilevel Lists
Unit 11 Working With Tables
  • To Insert and Delete a Table
  • To Add a Column or Row
  • To Apply and Change the Table Style Options
  • To Add Borders to a Table
  • Modifying a Table Using the Layout Tab
Unit 12 Working With Graphics
  • To Insert, Delete and Resize Shapes
  • To Change the Order of Shapes
  • To Change to a Different Shape and the Shape Style
  • To Change the Shape Fill Color, Outline, Shadow Effects and 3-D Effects
  • Insert, Delete, Move and Resize Text Boxes
  • Creating WordArt
  • Insert Picture/Clip Art
  • Changing the Text Wrapping Settings
  • To Crop a Picture
  • To Add a Border to a Picture, Make Image Corrections
  • To Adjust the Color in an Image
  • To Apply an Artistic Effect and Picture Style
  • Compressing Pictures
  • Removing the Background from an Image
Microsoft Excel
Unit 1 Microsoft Excel
  • The Ribbon
  • The Quick Access Toolbar
  • Backstage View
  • Creating and Opening Workbooks
  • Workbook Views
  • Zoom
  • Compatibility Mode
Unit 2 Cells And Contents
  • To Insert, Delete, Cut, Copy and Paste Cell Content
  • To Access Formatting Commands by Right-Clicking
  • To Drag and Drop Cells
  • To Use the Fill Handle to Fill Cells
Unit 3 Working With Columns, Rows And Cells
  • To Modify Column Width and Row Height
  • To Insert and Delete Rows and Columns
  • Wrapping Text and Merging Cells
Unit 4 Formatting Text
  • To Change the Font, Font Size and Color
  • To Use the Bold, Italic and Underline Commands
  • To Add a Border and Fill Color
  • To Change Horizontal and Vertical Text Alignment
  • Formatting Numbers and Dates
Unit 5 Saving Workbooks
  • To Use the Save Command
  • To Save As an Excel 97-2003 Workbook
  • To Save As a PDF
Unit 6 Formulas
  • Creating Simple Formulas
  • To Edit a Formula
Unit 7 Introduction To Worksheets
  • To Insert, Delete and Rename Worksheets
  • To Copy and Move a Worksheet
  • To Color Code Worksheet Tabs
  • Grouping and Ungrouping Worksheets
  • Freeze and Unfreeze Worksheet Panes
  • Split and Unsplit the Worksheet
  • Hide and Unhide Columns or Rows
Unit 8 Printing
  • To Print Active Sheets
  • Headers and Footers
  • Print Gridlines and Headings
Unit 9 Creating Complex Formulas
  • Order of Operations
  • Working with Relative, Absolute and Mixed Cell References
Unit 10 Working With Functions
  • Basic Functions
  • Function Library
  • Insert function Command
Unit 11 Sorting And Filtering Data
  • Custom Sorting
  • Sorting Multiple Levels
  • Filtering Data
  • Advance Filtering
Unit 12 Charts
  • To Create and Resize a Chart
  • To Change the Chart Type, Layout and Style
  • To Add Data Labels
  • To Change the Color of a Pie Chart Segment
  • To Move a Pie Chart Segment
Microsoft PowerPoint
Unit 1 Microsoft PowerPoint
  • The Ribbon
  • The Quick Access Toolbar
  • Backstage View
  • Creating and Opening Presentations
  • Compatibility Mode
Unit 2 Working With Slides
  • To Change the Layout of an Existing Slide
  • To Delete a Placeholder
  • To Insert, Delete and Move a Slide
  • To Copy, Paste and Duplicate a Slide
Unit 3 Managing Slides And Presentation
  • Slide Views
  • Adding Notes to Slides
Unit 4 Working With Text
  • To Insert, Delete and Select Text
  • To Copy, Cut and Paste Text
  • To Add a Text Box
  • To Move and Resize a Placeholder or Text Box
  • Formatting Text
  • To Insert a Bulleted List
  • To Change Horizontal and Vertical Text Alignment and Text Direction
  • Find and Replace
Unit 5 Modifying Lists
  • To Modify the Bullet Style and Numbered List
  • Modifying the List’s Appearance
  • Customizing Bullets
Unit 6 Indentation And Line Spacing
  • To Indent Using the Tab Key and Indent Commands
  • Line Spacing
Unit 7 Spelling Check
  • To Run a Spell check
Unit 8 Introduction To Themes
  • Applying and Saving Theme
  • Background Styles
Unit 9 Working With Graphics
  • To Insert an Image from a File
  • To Locate and Insert Clip Art
  • Creating WordArt
  • To Insert and Resize a Shape or Text Box
  • To Change to a Different Shape, Style, Fill color, Outline, Shadow and 3-D Effects
  • Formatting Graphics
  • Ordering and Rotating Objects
  • Grouping and Ungrouping Objects
Unit 10 Working With Tables And Charts
  • To Insert and Move a Table
  • Modifying the Table Style
  • Modifying a Table Using the Layout Tab
  • Charts
  • Copying and Pasting Existing Excel Data
  • Modifying Charts with Chart Tools
Unit 11 SmartArt Graphics
  • To Insert a SmartArt Graphic
  • To Add Text and Convert Existing Text to SmartArt
  • To Add a Shape, Move and Rearrange Shapes
  • To Change the SmartArt Layout, Style and Color Scheme
Unit 12 Applying Transitions
  • To Apply, Preview and Remove a Transition
  • To Modify the Duration
  • To Add Sound and Insert Audio from a File on Your Computer
  • Formatting the Audio Icon
  • To Advance Slides Automatically
Unit 13 Working With Animations
  • To Open the Animation Pane, Reorder and Preview Effects from the Animation Pane
  • To Open the Effect Options Dialog Box and Change the Effect Timing
Unit 14 Presenting Slide Show
  • To Start, Stop or End Slide Show
  • To Advance and Reverse Slides
  • Presenting Tools and Features
  • Slide Show Set Up Options
Unit 15 Saving And Printing Presentations
  • To Use the Save Command
  • To Save As PowerPoint 97 – 2003 Presentation
  • Printing

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