Digital Marketing Blueprint

Digital Marketing Blueprint

Course Objective

All participants will be using hands-on digital marketing skills to be implemented into their own businesses to drive business growth organically.

Course Duration

14 Hours (Part-time or Full-time available)

Who Should Attend

Business owners, marketing executives, business development executives.

Course Leader
Course Modules

• Introduction of Digital Marketing
• Online marketing vs. offline marketing

• Types of digital marketing channels
• Inbound vs. outbound marketing
• Introduction of SEO
• Objective of SEO
• Getting started with SEO
• How do search engine works
• Competitor analysis
• On-page & Off-page SEO
• Google Analytics (GA)
• Google Webmaster Tools (GWT)
• Practical keyword research exercise
• SEO case studies

Pay Per Click (PPC)
• Introduction of PPC
• Objective of PPC
• Getting started with PPC
• Introduction to Google Adwords
• Google Display Network (GDN)
• Google Adwords ad structure

• Account setup
• Types of keyword targeting
• Ad creation
• Ad extension
• Practical Google Ad creation exercise
• PPC case studies

Social Marketing Marketing (SMM)
• Introduction of SMM
• Objective of SMM
• Getting started with SMM
• Types of social media channels
• Introduction to Facebook advertising
• Facebook page creation
• Facebook ad structure
• Ad Manager setup
• Practical Facebook ad creation exercise
• SMM case studies

Integrated Marketing Strategy
• Introduction of Integrated Marketing Strategy
• Group project on integrating SEO, Google Adwords and

Facebook Advertising into real world businesses


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