To help companies retain competitiveness through the implementation of successful human resource training.


To be an excellent human resource development institution providing both soft skills and technical skills for upgrading the workforce, leading to productivity enhancement and competitiveness at the firm’s level - using accelerated learning techniques.
With our specialized and extensive experience in Corporate Training Programs to hundreds of companies (both private and public), LCCM has the know-how in delivering quality training packages through:
  • Public Training
  • In-house Training (at the client’s business premise)
  • Our training centre.

LCCM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS - for growing businesses

These are 'work-based training', in which working with your staff step by step over a reasonable period of time to deal with whatever business issue or people problem that they encountered.
As an authorized training provider of Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB) under the Ministry of Human Resources, we conduct training under training schemes that are approved by PSMB.

We want to help you and your business grow through training courses in areas such as marketing/sales, finance, human resource & administration and production.

We conduct in-house, offering you significant savings and exceptional convenience with the same quality hands-on training delivered in our public courses.

LCCM helps companies to upskill and enhancing their employees' work productivity. Experience your exponential growth with us!

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