The Management

Benjamin A.F. Leong


Our Principal has over 30 years experience in IT training and consultancy in the education industry. He holds a B.Sc (Hon.) Computing Science degree from the University of Newcastle, U.K. and the Digital Brand Management, a Professional Development Program from University of San Francisco. He is also a member of The British Computer Society (BCS). By keeping ahead of technologies and advances in IT, Benjamin is a valuable asset to LCCM, bringing years of experience and in-depth knowledge of cutting edge industries.

Jennifer Lye


A veteran in the education industry with over 30 years of teaching experience who specialised in IT and Business & Administration and is a HRDF/PSMB certified trainer (EMP/1354). In the Digital Marketing field, she graduated from the University of San Francisco in Digital Brand Management, a Professional Development Program. She is a very experienced trainer on Microsoft Office Applications. Having vast experiences in training and consulting, she has no issues deploying life scenarios and examples in the training.


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