‘LCCM’ stands for Logical Choice – Contemporary Money. LCCM Asia Sdn Bhd. was established in 1983 started as a centre providing computer training in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Today, it has transformed into a leading Corporate Training Provider to improve Malaysia’s (and across SEA) human capital quality through lifelong learning, to equip the workforce with higher skills and knowledge in the changing labor market and keeping the workforce focused, productive & happy in the workplace through its financial wellness programs.

In this competitive world, we are busy with much workload every day. The easiest way for any corporation to improve their bottom line is to improve their current processes otherwise growth only brings an exponential increase in wasted time and money. LCCM Corporate Training is one of the most effective choice, any business can make towards increasing efficiency & productivity at the workplace and enhancing the emotional, mental & physical well-being of their workforce who keep the bottom line pumping – a considerable corporate investment as part of their business philosophy and human capital strategy.

LCCM offers courses, workshops and seminars covering the subjects which fall into two broad categories – Digital Skills & Soft Skills. We provide both public and in-house training for all the courses we offer.

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