Financial Modeling Using Advanced Features Of Excel

This programme is to guide the participants in understanding the complexity of business situations by using financial modeling as a strategic decision tool in order to arrive at a logical conclusion based on factors and variables associated with the business issues.
Course Objectives
  • Financial modeling as a planning tool for decision making
  • Use of automation functions features to enhance efficiency
  • Practical example and application of functions to business environments
  • Various what-if scenarios implications
  • Validation of data to increase accuracy of data quality
Course Duration
2 Days
Who should attend
  • Accountants
  • Finance Director
  • Financial Analyst
  • CFO
  • Financial planner
What you will learn
  • Easy way to format reports
  • Enhance presentation of financial results and analysis
  • Structural reference for lookup table
  • Decision making using simple modeling methodology
  • Various ways to resolve financial and managerial issues
  • Team participation
  • Various examples and exercises
  • Application of real life business situations
Course Leader
Course Modules
  • year, month, day, now, today
  • edate, eomonth
  • datedif, weekday, yearfrac
  • vlookup, index, match, column, columns,
  • row, rows, offset
  • sumifs, averageifs
  • if, or, and
  • subtotal, convert, round, roundup, rounddown
  • sumproduct, trunc
  • rand, randbetween
  • abs, concatenate
Number Formatting

  • currency symbols, reversed signs, country codes
  • showing days, calculations of months and years
Customised formatting
  • writing codes, putting conditions on number codes
  • colour codes
Copy & Paste
  • Absolute and relative
Model 1:
Income tax table

Conditional Formatting
  • controls
  • colours for highlights
Validation of data
  • list, whole number, decimal, formula controls
Naming of range
  • structural reference
Model 2:
Fixed asset and depreciation

Time Value of Money
  • annuity
  • compounded growth
  • discount factors
Setting up a financial statement as a model illustration
  • Profit & Loss
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flows
Integrity of data
  • checking if balance sheet is balanced
  • are numbers tallied?
  • do the numbers make sense?
  • do the numbers meet the minimum or maximum requirements?
  • compounded growth
  • projections
  • regression
  • using random numbers for sales
  • using FV() for sales and expenses
Testing the model
  • variables
  • assumptions
  • using extremity
Data table
  • one-way and two-way
  • finding the optimal solutions
  • maximum profit and minimum profit
  • conditions
  • Using buttons to change alternative scenarios
Model 3
Tax equalisation scheme

Financial Modeling Exercise 1
Financial Modeling Exercise 2
Questions and answers
Course Fee (HRDF Claimable)
Early Bird: (before 6 May 2014)
1 person: RM1,299
2 persons: RM1,250

1 person: RM1,399
2 persons: RM1,299

Course fee is inclusive of Materials, Attendance Certificate, Lunch & Tea Breaks.

Laptop Rental Available: RM75 per day for those who don't have Microsoft Excel 2010.

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Payee: Logica Centre of Computer & Management Sdn Bhd
Bank: AmBank Berhad
Acc. No: 212-201-200360-6

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